2001 Xj Tail Light Wiring Color

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2001 Xj Tail Light Wiring Color

2001 Xj Tail Light Wiring Color Whats New

2001 Xj Tail Light Wiring Color - . . . . . . .

2001 Xj Tail Light Wiring Color -

2001 Xj Tail Light Wiring Color -

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Anyways, I hooked the DRL white halo line (white wire) to the "parking light" switch to the center white wire on the front turn signal lamp (see pictures). I used the wire cutters to carefully "peel" back the sheathing to expose the inside wiring and just simply wrapped the wires together and then wrapped them with electrical tape.

"There are two recommended 4 flat wiring harnesses for the 2005 Chrysler Town & Country, part 14488 (splice option) which requires a test light to identify the correct wires or part CQT118300 (quick connect) no special tools required, simply unplug the tail light connecter and connect the T one connecter. " et

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